- Enter Norton Setup Key | - In the era of technology, advanced computer viruses are getting used to with the most security programs. The threat of getting your PC infected is the reason you have to get a robust and updated security application for your device. Norton is famous for offering top-notch quality protection, encryption, and unbeatable performance. It safeguards your device from cyber attackers, infected emails, third-party infected programs, and other modern threats such as ransomware

It can activate a strong shield for your computer against viruses, spyware, adware, and Trojans. The program regularly scans the system for suspicious threats and present infected programs silently. By visiting, you can install and activate Norton. 

How to Download and Install Norton on PC?

norton com setup

To download and install Norton premium security on your Windows PC, you must obey the guidelines mentioned down here: 

1. Navigate to any internet browser and then go to

2. Once you reach the site, hit "Create an Account" and then enter the details required to create a new Norton account.

3. Norton account will be utilized to redeem the product key and to download the setup for the program. 

4. When your Norton account is synced with the activation key, it will help you to reinstall the security application without losing your current plan. 

5. Log in to your Norton account if you are not already. 

6. Head to Get Started

7. Press the "Enter a New Product Key" option. 

8. Locate the Norton product key on your retail card or in your registered email. 

9. Type the product key on the site carefully. 

10. Hit the ">" button to claim your product key and start the subscription. 

11. Read Terms and Conditions of the program once the activation is done. 

12. Press Agree

13. Go through the terms and conditions and then Accept the automatic renewal policy of Norton if you want. 

14. Complete the payment process. 

15. Hit the "Agree and Continue" option. 

16. Press the Turn on Automatic Renewal button. 

17. Click on Continue located on the enrolment confirmation webpage.

18. Go to Norton Download link from the Get Started webpage.  

19. Now tap on Agree and Download. 

20. Hit the Save option. 

21. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 

22. Reboot the PC once the installation completes. 

How to Reinstall Norton on PC? 

In case your computer is running the older version of Norton, then you should reinstall the Norton antivirus using the steps mentioned in this section. To quickly reinstall the program on your device, please obey the instructions given here below:

  1. On an internet browsing application, navigate to  
  2. Press enter to launch the link and then download the Norton Remove and Reinstall the program. 
  3. Once the tool downloads successfully, open the Downloads folder of your computer.
  4. Look for the NRnR file. 
  5. Once you find it, double click it to start the reinstallation. 
  6. Be agree to the program's license agreement by tapping the Agree link. 
  7. Press on Remove and Reinstall
  8. Now tap on the Continue or Remove either button. Both buttons do the same thing, so tap any one of them that shows up.
  9. Press on Restart Now.
  10. Once the PC reboots, follow the instructions and prompts on the screen to install the program. 

How to Activate Norton Software?

If your Norton software is not activated then either visit or follow these steps to quickly activate the subscription:

  1. Launch Norton application.
  2. On the home screen, press on Activate Now. 
  3. Tap on Next. 
  4. Enter your product key. 
  5. Press the activate button.  
  6. Enter a name for your device and then press on Activate once again.  
  7. Exit the activation windows.  
  8. Press on Finish.