Best Movies to Watch in December 2019

The holiday season is almost here and families are planning to spend their precious holidays with their loved ones. If you are not planning for a family trip, then there is much more than you can do right at your home. For instance, you can watch the trending streaming TV shows and blockbuster movies you missed due to a tight schedule. If you are looking for a list of best movies, then you are on the right spot. This article will suggest you the best movies to make your upcoming holidays even more exciting.  So what’s the wait? Let’s kick start the list of top movies in December 2019. 

Top Movies to be Watched on the Upcoming Winters Holiday

1. The Princess Bride

A classic adventure that offers entertainment for everyone in your family.  Princess Bride includes giants, monsters, revenge,  action, fencing, torture, true love, miracles, and escapes. The film is a bumper package for the families as it has something for everyone.  If you are looking for a family movie with awesome adventurous moments and without any R-rated scenes then this movie can offer you more than what you desire.

How to Watch: iTunes, Rent on Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu.

Audience: Kids, families, and teenagers.

2. The Long Kiss Goodnight

A classic action movie introducing a school teacher who suffers from amnesia.  Later in the movie, she gets to know that she is an assassin in real life. The lead role is played by Geena Davis and it has our all-time favorite Samuel L. Jackson who does the Samuel L.Jackson stuff. The movie includes a road trip in which you will see 80’s style action scenes written by Shane Black. The film was shot way back in 1996, but the film is still watchable with families and kids. The movie does not include any scenes that make you feel embarrassed if watched with parents.

How to Watch: Rent on Amazon,  iTunes, YouTube,  Google Play,  and Vudu. 

3. Start Wars (The Whole Film Series)

The latest Star Wars movie is almost going to hit in the theaters in less than a month. In order to enjoy the new movie, we advise you to rewatch all of the Star Wars movies in the right order. This will help you in understanding the complete story and plot of the Star Wars franchise. Once you have completed the series, there’s much more you can watch before the final Start Wars movie releases in Cinemas.  The Mandalorian is the most hyped and trending TV show of this year which uncovers many hidden scenes of the Star Wars movie series.  So you can also finish The Mandalorian TV series before booking the tickets for the upcoming movie.  Keep in mind that you would have to buy the Disney Plus subscription plan in order to take the joy of The Mandalorian.

How to Stream: Netflix, Disney Plus

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Are you one of Tony Stark’s fans? If so, then this movie can be a treat for you and your family.  The film actually did not receive love from the audience when it came out in 2005. However, the movie offers pleasant story and entertaining scenes that you will surely enjoy with your loved ones. 

  • Here are the 3 reasons for watching this film:
  • The main character is played by Robert Downey Jr.
  • Excellent performance of Michelle Monaghan,
  • An incredible performance of  Vil Kilmer. 

In the film, you will see Robert Downey Junior playing the role of Harry Lockart who is a small criminal in New York. He has mistakenly become an actor while he was running from the cops. Watch the fun and entertaining ride on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and rent from Amazon.

5. Chef

If you are one of the epicures, then this movie will make you eat more and more food even if you are already full. This movie is best watched with family members and youngsters who love food. The movie is surprisingly joyful and includes excellent cast such as Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara. The film is not too old and not too recent as it was released in 2014. In the movie, the chef Carl Casper plans to start a food truck with his best buddies, ex-wife, and child.Keep in mind that if you want to watch this movie without any trouble then prepare some tasty and your favorite snacks for you to enjoy while watching this movie.

How to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Suitable Audience: Anyone who loves food.

6. Frozen

Why one should watch it:

1.  If you are planning to go buy tickets for the Frozen 2 movie, then you should first watch this movie with your family and buddies. It is best for kids and children who love watching cartoons, TV shows, and movies. Did you love watching the Incredibles 1 and 2 movies? If so, then you will enjoy this one too.

How to Watch: Disney Plus

7. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The current superhero genre is ruled by the MCU and other superhero movies can feel identical to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as well. The one movie which will make you feel that you are watching something new superhero stuff is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The movie features the theory of alternate dimensions and the multiverse. Even if you are too young or too old the film will still entertain you no matter what. 

How to watch: Netflix

8. Iron Man 3

Do you need to watch at least one Marvel movie every month? Well, if that is the case, then I would recommend you to rewatch the Iron Man 3 movie at this winters break. This movie is absolutely different from other MCU movies and offers many adventurous scenes.   

9. Bat-Man Vs Super-Man: Dawn of Justice

Apart from the dark scenes and critics, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good movie for families. It is much better than the Zack Snyder Justice League movie that came out in 2017. However, it is not even comparable with Aqua-Man and Joker movies that came out in 2018 and 2019 respectively.  

How to Watch: Google Play, Rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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