Borderlands 3: Where to Find All Ember Statues in Moxxi’s Heist DLC

The inclusion of Moxxi’s Heist DLC in Borderlands 3 has been now a couple of weeks old, and somehow it has still become a mystery for several players. The main reason probably behind its secretive aspect is due to its several achievements which usually creates confusion and difficulty for the players to understand and accomplish it.

Those who are not aware of this newly added DLC aspect of Borderlands 3, it is a feature that grants the player to unlock its various mysterious achievements and thus attain rewards that benefits the player’s game although we have highlighted the fact that it includes several achievements and all of them requires much efforts and time of the players.

One of the achievements that are also becoming a difficulty for the players and thus it hinders them to find and get all the Ember statues. Besides that, the scenario must have already intended you the motive of this blog and thus below we have gathered a proper workaround to help the players find all Ember Statues in Moxxi’s Heist DLC easily.

How to Find and Get Ember’s Statues

This workaround comprises of information which has been derived from AchievementSquad’s YouTube channel. The Heist includes five statues and the player who will accomplish all of them will be rewarded with a unique reward of Ember’s Purge. Although it seems pretty easy to locate these statues as Borderlands 3 map shows their location, it is a mess when trying to work it out. Players need to execute the parkour skills of assassin’s Creed to locate and attain all the five Ember statues.

1st Statue

The first statue has been placed in Spendopticon and players need to jump on the yellow marked shed and then needs to climb to the very top of Grass Hedges. Once the players reach the Grass Hedges, then they need to head to the Sign of Casino. Soon after, the player interacts with the statue then they will obtain an explosive along with detonator. The players will then encounters a prompt which is an indication of the first Ember’s challenge.

2nd Statue

Players need to use the map and need to find the Impound Deluxe part where the second statue has been located. Players need to use the way of Metal Rampway, which can be accessed by the doors that requires cash to be open. Thereafter, players need to keep on heading the path until they encounter a marked icon where players need to take a slight right and thus attain the second statue.

3rd Statue

Players can locate the third statue at the backside of Spendopticon, which is pretty near to the Market District. Players need to jump on the metal shed which lies below the statue and then again jump to the metal cover which lies on the upper side of it. After, being successfully reached to the top of the metal vault, players need to use the vault to metal rampways which will successfully lead them to the third statue.

4th Statue

The fourth statue has been hidden in the Secret map of Jack and players need to do a high jump because the statue is located on a distant height. Players can use the conveyor belt to accomplish this purpose successfully.

5th Statue

The fifth and the last statue is located at the VIP tower, and it can only be visited after the fight of Freddy. Players need to win this fight or either jump to the Ember icon which will give the player’s access to a bigger Hedge. This bigger Hedge contains a metal platform that will lead the player to the fifth statue. After locating this statue, players will attain the Firebug trophy/achievement.

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