How to Erase Discord Messages

Discord is a gaming app we all know that beside gaming also helps us communicate with our friends. It does this through the amazing chat feature. A minor but dangerous problem in Discord is that its old messages trouble us a lot. This happens majorly when we have to delete non-active or unseen messages.

Almost everyone uses Discord for its amazing voice chat feature; the chatting options provide a large variety of amazing features, that includes its text chats. Despite being a proper gaming app, Discord has become infamously well-known at the international level for the chat feature. This made the chatting feature all the more important. Due to the heavy server size of Discord, your chat gets filled with several messages. That is why you may want to get rid of all these messages.

We are going to share some of the steps to delete them in the post. Discord packs two different types of texts: Direct messages, a personal discussion amidst two users, and Channel messages; the group chats with a lot of users chatting with each other.

How to erase direct messages

There is no way to remove Discord direct messages. So here is what we do, we will conclude the chat panel to not get messages and erase the copy of messages as well. It will automatically erase from history but the text remains as it is both in others’ chat and on the Discord server. Here is how you can delete the local copy.

  1. Right-click on the user you shared the direct message with.
  2. Select Message
  3. Tap on the X  in the Direct messages panel.
  4. The conversation disappears.

Note: Do not tap X on the conversation you wish to retain.

How to erase channel messages

They are not like the direct ones as they can be easily deleted. This requires just a couple of steps and the three most efficient ways to delete channel messages are:

Delete Manually

Steps to delete the message are:

  1. Tap on the text channel with the texts you wish to remove.
  2. Move your cursor above the messages unless a three-dot icon shows on the right.
  3. Tap on the image, then choose delete from the following option.
  4. Press on the confirm button.

This will work fine for you, but if there are a lot of messages you want to get rid of, then the next solution will be ideal for you.

 Discord Bot

        The MEE6 bot is currently the favorite amongst the discord admins.

  1. Access your Discord.
  2. Open the official site of MEE6.
  3. Select the option, add to Discord.
  4. Now allow the bot to work.
  5. MEE6 will ask for your permission, select authorize when prompted.
  6. Your messages will be deleted.

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